3. Digital Fluency

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In today’s digital world, it is inevitable for almost every individual to have a basic understanding of use of the digital technology in order to perform various tasks in a quick and efficient manner. In the modern world, every individuals dare expected, irrespective of their age that they should be able to comfortably work with digital technology in order to achieve the desired outcome out of the use of such technology. This ability of gaining the desired outcome from the use of technology is known as digital fluency. It is becoming increasingly important for individuals to make sure that they are digitally fluent as more services used in day to day life are now shifting to the digital world. For instance Cab booking, food ordering, shopping, education, stock trading, banking operations, etc, the list is endless about the extent of services that are now shifting their focus to the digital world in order to take advantage of the benefits that it offers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

In the context of education, digital fluency is extremely important and this is only increasing. In the field of education, it acts as a bridge between the technical literacy and information literacy where the students are able to perform tasks using digital tools such as finding information, using library database, create presentations using digital software, perform research over the internet for their assignments, etc. In most parts of the world, the education is now delivered using various digital modes and it essentially requires the students to be able to use basic digital tools such as a mobile phone, computer, internet services, etc. Digital fluency is not only limited to the students but, it is also applicable to the teachers. Therefore teachers across the globe are required to encourage their students to participate in online discussions amongst the class, prepare presentations using digital tools, find information from online resources in order to complete their assignments and other educational tasks.

Overall, being digitally fluent is highly important for the individuals today across various walks of life and most certainly important for the students involved in the field of education.







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